Emergency Response - Devices that Save Lives

With a National Medical Alarm System, when a medical emergency is occurring, all you need to do is press a button and help in on the way.

Wear the waterproof button around your neck, on your wrist, or pinned to your clothes, and it’s always there when you need it.
Press the button to immediately reach an EMD-certified attendant (who has received the same training as 911 dispatchers and who are CPR-certified)
who can recognize life-threatening emergencies and provide the help that is needed. They will remain on the call with you until the emergency is over.

If the button is pressed in an emergency but you are unable to speak of if you are unable to be heard,
the dispatcher will call paramedics and notify the people on your individual list of family and friends you wish to be notified.

The waterproof button can be worn in the tub or shower.
Lifetime price guarantee - Your price will NEVER go up
No contract
No activation charge
Automatic Payment
Monitored in the USA

The MXD offers reliable landline based technology
that is lightweight and affordable.


MXD System - $29.95 per month

Button will activate alarm up to 600 ft from base unit
Free monthly button testing reminders
Automatic fall detector available at extra charge
FDA registered
Free monitoring for spouse
Made in the USA
May be worn as a pendant or on wrist
Lifetime warranty – National Medical Alarm
will replace defective equipment at any time

Give Dad his Freedom Back for Father's Day with an eResponder from National Medical Alarm

The EResponder, offering the ultimate in freedom,
requires no landline, no cell service and no contract.


EResponder - $39.95 per month

No Base Unit, Phone Line or Cell Phone Needed
A single charge lasts up to two months
Small, lightweight and comfortable to wear
Can be worn in the shower
Works at home and away from home
Can be located with U-TDOA technology
May be worn as a pendant or as a clip on

Give Mom her Freedom Back for Mother's Day with an eResponder from National Medical Alarm

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